Let us welcome You to our small spot on the World Wide Web here in Fort Worth, Texas, a place we call Cardinal's Nest. Residents of the Nest include Randy and Leah.
Randy is the owner and programmer for Cardinal Systems. His hobbies include computers, house remodeling, and lake trips. Randy enjoys being PaPa to Marissa, Ethan, and Elliot.
Leah works for a local company for 27 years. Leah enjoys family trips, scrapbooking, family cats, and being Grandmother to Marissa, Ethan, and Elliot.

We built our nest in 1980 and bought our first computer at that time. We are currently on our twentieth machine and have five computers in operation in our home and office. There is always a computer ready to use. They are an active element of our lifestyle. With our business we are always upgrading and updating our computers. Family members have computers also. Our family consists of grown children John, Joe, and Angie. John lives in Califonia. Joe, wife Melissa, and daughter Elliot live in Fort Worth. Angie, husband Mike, daughter Marissa, and son, Ethan also live in Fort Worth. Leah's sister, Tammie and daughters, Jennifer and Jessica, live in Fort Worth. Leah's twin sister, Lana, lives in Redding, Ca. and visits often.

And believe it or not, we allow cats in our Nest! Smokie, Mo, and B.J.rhang out here too.


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