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Cardinal Systems Construction has been serving the Fort Worth, Texas area in Residential and Commercial Building Construction since 1986. We started out in the roofing business and have expanded our services over the past several years to include all aspects of building and remodeling. Our services are reasonable and affordable. We enjoy both building new space and remodeling existing construction. Cardinal Systems offers only the highest quality in materials and workmanship.

We do home projects, big or small. We can serve as General Contractor on large jobs, or perform a small repair to an existing structure.

Cardinal Systems also has services for multiple property owners. We can quickly do your property repairs allowing you to avoid loss of rental or lease income.

Also, ask us about our Rental Property Management Services, including everything from Applications and Background Checks, Rent Collection Services to Emergency Repairs.

All photos on our web site are of projects completed by
Cardinal Systems Construction.

3-2-1 built in 1949 - Kitchen
Removed wall between Dining Room and Kitchen
Opened wall between Living Room and Kitchen
Replaced all upper and lower cabinets with custom built units
Tiled countertop
Replaced and finished hardwood flooring