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Multimedia Design Services

A multimedia production combines different media types into a cohesive presentation.

These different media types include text, video, animation, audio, and graphics. Alone, each of these types are effective communication methods; when combined, they can dramatically improve the potency of a presentation.

Whether you are demonstrating the internal workings of a mechanical piece, making a sales presentation, training new employees, or just trying to entertain, a fully produced Multimedia Presentation will take your project above and beyond the ordinary.

Somewhat similar in idea to a television program, whether educational or business oriented, Multimedia Productions are tailored to specifically meet your needs. Some examples include customer service, or product development and marketing.

Cardinal Systems abilities include video capture, video editing, sound editing, photograph scanning and editing, logo digitization, morphing, creation of 2D and 3D models, animation, VCD and DVD authoring. While we make use of established, industry standard software like Adobe Premiere, we also use tools like Virtual Dub, TMPGenc, and Windows Media Encoder. Cardinal Systems can also create video or animation projects for the web, tailored for either broadband or narrowband (56k) connections.

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