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Web Site Dynamic Scripting

You should update the content on your web sites often, to keep previous visitors coming back. To avoid physically altering a web page and uploading the edited version, scripts can display dynamically updated content on the web page based on the script programming.

One example of this is the current date. This script displays today's date, without making changes to your web page. Like this:

Today's Date is:

Of course, simply displaying the current date may not seem important, but it gives you an example of how Dynamic Scripting works.

Without Dynamic Web Pages, you would have to update the page every day, at 00:00 GMT. (Remember, it's always 10:00 AM somewhere in the world!)

web pages

Another example of Dynamic Content is interactive scripting. If the web site visitor does a search, populates a form, fills in a survey, or another action that requires a reaction or result, Dynamic Scripting is necessary.

Dynamic content can be very practical. When you want to display the latest news, a survey or other changing content, Dynamic Scripting is what you need.


Other examples of Dynamic Scripting include Database Searches, Shopping Carts, Blogs, Guest Books, and Collaboration Forums.



Cardinal Systems has been creating quality program solutions since our inception in 1989. With all this experience, we know the methods required to create custom web pages cleanly and efficiently. We do the necessary customization to personalize the site for you or your company. Your site will be CSS based and will run with java script and/or php effects. With Cardinal Systems you can add any feature or programming for very low price.

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